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3 Ways to actively develop yourself

Stop reading so much
Reading about ways to develop yourself and never actually utilizing them will eventually  have an opposite effect. Reading about waking up early, eating an apple a day, having your meals by a table and improving your skills but not applying those suggestions will not get you very far.

It will actually slow down your progress since you replace real self development with a feel good article reading activity. Reading about improvement and development eventually replace active participation and commitment to better yourself. This is not a good spot to be in, and once you find yourself here, quickly turn the car around.

Start with one thing to develop yourself
A lot of times when we work on bettering ourselves, we get overwhelmed with everything we want to do. In one day we want to wake up early, eat all our meals by a table, practice guitar, read a few pages from a classic novel as well as strengthen our inner voice. The problem with this approach is that only yesterday, we did not do any of these, but we expect to do them all today. Then once we miss doing one of them, we loose momentum and get discouraged.

A better approach would be to take one thing and do it until it comes natural and you have it ingrained. In today’s time, simplifying your life becomes a matter of survival and not just a luxurious option. Tackling the things you have to, and want to do, one by one will give you strength and your mind momentum.

Challenge yourself continuously
It is very easy to take it easy on yourself! To have inner discussions filled with excuses, blame passing and self justification. During our life we have to report to our boss, friends, spouse, children, government and pets! Therefore it’s only natural that when we find a moment where we are our own real boss, we lower the standard a bit and untuck our shirt as a matter of speech.

This is good in regards to not burning out, but what if you can make a mind switch. If you can raise your standard higher than what your boss, spouse or government expect of you. Then during the times where you are your own boss you will better yourself to such an extend that when you report to the others, they will have no effect on your perception of personal growth You have your own ranking scale. As you live up to it inwards, the opinions of others will diminish.

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